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Obama Blasts McCain Over Advisor's 'Mental Recession' Comments

Gramm Diagnoses a "Mental Recession" Among U.S. "Whiners"

I have huge problems with the whole situation. Obama is completely taking Gramm's words of context and changing it into his story. Do I hear a hypocrite?

Gramm is saying how once things became minorly bad, people started throwing out the word recession, perpetuating a problem that was saved for later. No one can argue against that because it is fact. If people think there is a recession, there is going to be a recession; it's simple as that.

Now Obama comes out and says this:

"He didn't say this but I guess what he meant was that it's a figment of your imagination, these high gas prices."

Wow, how did Obama make it through high school or college making these inferences? I doing the let me play stupid and pander to the people that are even more stupid than me. I'll let these feeble minded idiots into believing whatever I say.

I'll take a guess and say that Obama doesn't know what cause and effect are. High gas prices is a cause of what Gramm calls a 'mental recession,' and not reason for the "recession." And Obama doesn't seem to realize that gas prices hadn't started soaring when there was all this recession talk. How's that for being informed?

Jesse Jackson Says Obama "Talking Down" to Blacks

LOL! Jesse Jackson is one of the most arrogant people in history. He acts like he's entitled to speak for all black people and pretends he is in the their best interest. I don't even think black people like him. He jumps on everyone who says the word black and tries to make them racist, but says comments that are from a comedian.

He actively tries to interpret everything as racist, so he thinks Obama is "racist" also by painting Obama's speeches as preaching and talking down to black people. Is he referring to Obama trying to help the black community with advice? I think he should be commending Obama, but based on his logic, he should be encouraging black people to commit robbery.

I can't believe how stupid his comments are. Does this tax evading "minister" really expect Obama to talk about how he will bring down the white establishment? Obama is already under minor scrutiny for being related to terrorists and any comments like that might finally force the media to look at Obama's relation.

I was thinking, and if Jesse Jackson's goal of life is to help black people, why is he supporting someone that talks down to them? 

Iraq Presses US on Timeline for Troop Pullout

Wow, the arrogance of these people is astounding. First of all, the United States put these people in power. The U.S. is also letting these corrupt politicians do whatever they want. This whole war business is stupid. Bush's original plan included getting free oil from Iraq. Maybe if he had followed through with this plan, we wouldn't be paying 5 dollar gas.

In fact, the Iraq government should be offering oil to the United States for training soldiers and getting them tons of money. I can't even fathom how rude and selfish these people are.

How do they expect to have the country under control. If they hadn't noticed, most people in the army are in militia's already and would gladly blow someone up. All of their armed forces were trained by foreign soldiers or were formerly terrorists. And they think they are smart by acting so superior.

McCain Rips Obama's 'Pay or Play' Health Plan

Finally the candidates get back to what they're suppose to do, attack the other's policies and not some silly statements made by someone else. I agree with McCain; Obama's health care policy is bad.

Not every employer out there is making 7 figures or more. There are plenty that make money in 5 digits or low 6 digits. Nobody should expect these people to pay for expensive health insurance. So where will the rest of the money come from? From the already 4 billion dollar debt. Good job trying to help the country. We're going back into the rut that will be even harder to get out of once we enter this national health care program.

People have to realize that health care costs so much because drugs cost so much money to develope, and there are not enough doctors. This is something to talk for other day; however, while I'm still talking about this, everyone is completely missing the point. The should not be trying to provide for the people but rather fix the whole health care problem.

Nadal outlasts Federer in epic to claim first Wimbledon title

I actually watched the whole thing from 6:00 to 1:00. After the last forehand that Federer hit into the net, I still couldn't believe it was actually over. I think they both had an equal amount of chances to win. Federer had many chances to break Nadal's server, but could only do it once. Nadal had a couple championship points in the third set, but Federer pulled off some amazing shots.

I seems like Nadal being fit really paid off. He ran around all over the place, and still had it in the end. He muscled a bunch of balls for winners and made as many unbelievable shots as Federer.

I looks like Federer's reign as the best player is over. He can't even beat Nadal on his best surface. His best chance now is to win on hard courts. I think he can win the U.S. Open, but if Nadal can learn hard courts as well as he can learn grass courts, Federer has serious troubles ahead. I expect him to win a major every couple years now.

Here are some interesting things to speculate on. What if there were no rain delays? Would Nadal have won in straight sets? Would Federer have won the fifth set? How much did the slip by Nadal prolong the match?


Nadal Wins French Open Again  

Obama 'Puzzled' by Frenzy Over Iraq War Plan Comments

I think this whole business is pretty stupid. Obama finally decides to take a closer look at his position and gets attacked. If he wants to change anything he gets attacked, even if it is for something good. This is why politics is stupid. If you say something absolute, you get attacked if you want to change anything about it. If you say something ambiguious, you get attacked for not being specific. It's a lose lose situation that only skilled politicians can navigate and that's why Obama is going to win.

I hope he refines his position, because we'll be screwed if we withdraw too soon. Millions more Iraqis will die and everyone will hate/blame us even more. I guess he finally realized how stupid his ideas were and has to change so he doesn't get owned later on.

I don't think the reporters were deliberately trying to help McCain, but rather trying to improve their pathetic careers by twisting the facts. We have to look at these things through the lens of an objective person. These people are probably not very famous, and they will take the chance to do anything to get into the news.


Who will you vote for in the 2008 U.S. presidental election?

Firefox is like Obama, Internet Explorer is like McCain

Why is Wesley Clark taking so much heat?  

Stop With This Obama Is Change BullS***T  

I just watched it and even though it's pretty late for blogging (my brain shuts off after 10), I have to get some thoughts off my chest.

I thought it was more movie-like than Ark of Truth which was more like an extended episode. There were some nice cinematic elements that I liked though I would have liked to see some wide screen shots of the Arctic from above.

This movie felt like a classic Stargate storyline yet lacked what makes it so great, the wit. I hoped bringing back Richard Dean Anderson would solve the problem if the last 2 seasons, but RDA was only in the whole movie for 10 minutes.

So this is basically what happened. The real Baal makes a time machine and goes back to 1939 through the Stargate being transported by ship from Africa to America. SG-1 along with O'neill are attending a Tokra extraction process on the "last" clone of Baal, but people including Vala and Teal'c start disappearing due to the alteration of the timeline by the real Baal. O'neill is killed by the extraction thing, and Daniel, Carter, and Mitchell get through the gate.

To make a long story short, the Stargate program doesn't exist in the new timeline and the 3 aren't allowed to have anything to do with each other and are forced to live a normal life. Eventually, Baal attacks Earth with the full force of the system lords and SG-1 along with Teal'c save the day.

The ending of the movie is what I disliked the most. Like the episode Mobius, they save the real timeline, but either die in the alternate timeline or live out their lives in it. I wanted an ending like 1969 where they go back to the original timeline.

One thing that was great the "Indeed" that Teal'c used since it was the only one of the movie. Vala was mostly pointless since her true character never shone through all the Goa'uld evilness. I thought tying Mitchell back into the whole situation was great. [Spoiler: In the alternate timeline, Mitchell was the only one who survived]

Overall, I enjoyed the movie immensly and I hope they make more. More RDA please!

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